September 2012 Meeting

We met last Thursday (13 September) – here are the highlights:

  • It was the first meeting with Cindy Konrad, new LGBT Coordinator, and other new faces on the task force.
  • The task force discussed its goals and priorities, with keeping tabs on the gender-neutral bathrooms and housing, continuing the Rainbow Celebration of Excellence, and monitoring language and visual artifacts on campus the group’s main objectives.
  • Cindy announced that Sean Dorsey Dance [website] will be on campus 29-30 October – mark your calendars to attend the workshops and performance!

There’s WAY more than just that – read the full minutes (PDF) if you’d like.

About kyle

I'm the library guy. No, seriously, I'm the only male reference & instruction librarian. I also have the pleasure of serving several campus committees, the Academic Staff Assembly and the Chancellor's Task Force on LGBT Issues, among others.
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