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Gender & Sexuality Questions on UC’s Admission Application

The University of California has added questions pertaining to gender identity and sexual orientation to all college applications in an effort to collect demographic data. Not many colleges and universities have any data relating to its LGBT* community, which could … Continue reading

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Will the Immigration Bill Help Same-Sex Bi-National Couples?

Congress is putting together immigration reform, and amendments have been proposed to include the provision for LGBT foreign-born partners of US citizens to apply for green card status. Will it work? Senator Schumer from New York’s not sure, and it … Continue reading

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Not Just LGBT Anymore

Did you see the interesting article in the New York Times about “Generation LGBTQIA”? The article lays out the changing dynamic in the LGBT community and the uprising amongst those that don’t feel represented in the mainstream community. It describes … Continue reading

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Iowa Makes More History

Who knew that our neighbor to the west has set out to be the new liberal mecca of the Midwest? First, same-sex marriage. Now, the University of Iowa has made the groundbreaking change to their admissions application to include specific … Continue reading

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Federal Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional

A federal appeals court in New York became the nation’s second to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA], finding that the Clinton-era law’s denial of federal benefits to married same-sex couples is unconstitutional… Continue reading the full article … Continue reading

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