Members 2014

The Task Force enjoys representation from all over campus, including individuals from the following areas:

  • Academic Affairs: Dan Colleran
  • Academic Staff Assembly: vacant
  • Administrative Affairs: Chief Matt Kiederlen
  • Admissions: Britta Svoboda
  • Athletics: Keri Carollo
  • B.R.I.D.G.E. (Being Real in Doing Gender Equality) Advisor: Sean Van Aacken
  • Center for Students with Disabilities: Karen Fisher
  • Classified Staff: Elizabeth Woolever
  • College of Arts & Communication: Kenneth Kohberger
  • College of Business & Economics: Han Ngo
  • College of Education & Professional Studies: Robin Fox
  • College of Letter & Sciences: Heather Niemeier
  • Faculty Senate: Brooke Winchell
  • IMPACT Advisor: Cindy Konrad (chair)
  • IMPACT: Ban Ahmed
  • Library: Kate Braman
  • PB Poorman Pride Resource Center: Cindy Konrad [Chair]
  • Police Services: Officer Mike Sacco
  • Residence Life: Terry Tumbarello
  • Student Affairs: Mai Yer Yang
  • University Health & Counseling: Gwen Hering
  • University Marketing & Media Relations: Jeff Angileri
  • Whitewater Student Government:vacant
  • Women’s Issues Committee/Women’s Studies: Christa Lebens

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