Amsterdam for Some Learning, Anyone?

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Sexual Politics in Amsterdam

This program is by offered by Michigan State University. Anyone may participate – alumni, students at other institutions, community members. The application deadline is March 1, 2012. There are only a couple of spots left!

In this program, students will learn about sex and gender politics and policy in the Netherlands, one of the most sexually liberal countries in the world. This nation was the first to legalize same sex marriages, grants sex workers legitimate status, and covers sex reassignment surgeries through its government health plan. Yet tolerance for sexual and gender diversity is counter-balanced by a pervasive social intolerance of Muslim immigrants. Students will study sexual and gender politics with Dutch scholars and speakers working in organizations relating to sex workers, sex education, transgender advocacy, and LGBTQ rights in order to advance their knowledge of these topics in a comparative context.

Students will reside in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, where world-famous museums and cafes abound alongside beautiful canals and historic architecture. Students will be housed in dormitories at the University of Amsterdam. Excursions may include a visit to a sex-reassignment clinic, a guided tour of the Red Light District, and a trip to the World Population Fund Center for Sexual Education in Utrecht. Students will also have the opportunity to visit Brussels, where they may meet with LGBTQ refugees and representatives from the International Organization for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

Questions? More information? Contact Julia Grant at You can also download either the basic information (PDF) or the details (look through the tabs on the page).

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