Gaining bulk on the ketogenic diet can be tough for some people, as carbs are such an effective way to add calories into your diet. The release of insulin is also an important aspect of bulking up, but that doesn’t mean that it is necessary. A lot of very high calorie foods contain a carb amount that would take you out of ketosis, but there are still ways in which you can consume the calories needed to gain bulk while staying in ketosis.

Some people might assume that if you are on Keto, your only goal is to lose weight and burn off that stubborn fat. This is a common misconception, as there are various other health benefits associated with this diet. It can be valuable to people who suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, and other diseases. Furthermore, research has shown that it can reduce future risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s (Wheless 2008).

From anecdotal experience, the best way I have found to gain muscle weight while on Keto is by sticking with plenty of high-fat, moderate protein meats. A 16-ounce steak can contain as much as 1,500 calories, with enough protein to aid in recovery after a hard workout. Remaining consistent with a workout regimen is of utmost importance, and since increased energy and focus levels being reported as a common side effect of the diet, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

An article posted on Healthline points out that in order to gain muscle weight while on Keto, you must exceed the amount of calories required for maintenance. There are tools online you can use to determine how many calories an individual requires to maintain weight, and that you should increase that by 15% for optimal results (Raman 2020).

To summarize, it is of utmost importance to stick to a regimented workout schedule, exceed the calories your body requires for maintenance, and eat plenty of high-fat, moderate calorie meats such as steak and pork. I hope that you found this helpful, and now that you’re done reading it’s time to hit the gym!

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