If you’ve ever tried the ketogenic diet, you know that it isn’t always easy. From the initial “keto flu” that many people report going through in the beginning of their journey (myself included), to the perceived monotony in the meals that you can actually partake in, people have their doubts. I did too, until I found a few key things that really helped me turn this experience into a positive one. Whether you are doing clean keto or dirty keto, these tricks are sure to help you stay on track.

Things to consider when starting the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet isn’t always easy to follow, and many people complain that the lack of variation in their diet is one of the leading causes for them jumping off the wagon. This can absolutely be true: if proper planning isn’t put in place, some people tend to live off a diet of cold cuts and American cheese, which is not only unhealthy but also unappealing to the average person.

Finding out what it is that works best for you is also of utmost importance in proper execution of this diet. For some people, a handful of berries a day helps keep them at bay from consuming rather unhealthy, carb-loaded foods. For others, finding keto substitutes for their favorite recipes is incredibly helpful in keeping them on track. Have you ever had ketogenic pizza? What about keto nachos? These are both things that are relatively easy to make, and any novice could easily pull it off.

How to stay on track

1. Find fun ways to incorporate meals into the diet

Whether you are a newcomer to the ketogenic diet or a seasoned veteran, finding food that you enjoy is of utmost importance in following this diet plan for the long run. Those who meet their goals using keto have found success being they don’t view this diet as a chore, but a lifestyle.

2. Think about the benefits of the diet as opposed to what you’re missing out on.

Most people who have tried this diet report finding an increased awareness and focus level when doing this diet. I noticed it myself, and that feeling alone was enough to keep me working on myself and this diet. Carbs can really weigh a person down, and there’s nothing I want to do less after a meal heavy in carbs than be productive. When following the diet, I can have a 16- ounce steak and a hefty serving of vegetables and feel great afterwards.

3. Explore websites, chatrooms and use every possible resource

Finding people who are facing the same challenges as you is of utmost importance in reaching your goals. It is never good to feel like you’re doing this alone, and thanks to the plenty of resources the internet has to offer this no longer has to be a problem.

4. Stay Active

When I have a difficult time dealing with this diet, it often is extremely helpful for me to take a walk outside or go to the gym. My energy has been at a constant high rate since starting the diet, and by reminding myself how good I feel, it helps me remain focused.

5. Learn to love the kitchen

While eating out on the ketogenic diet is possible, whenever I’ve tried to do it I feel like I’m missing out on part of the experience. When I make my own food, I feel like I don’t have the same hardship. Learning to cook new and fun meals to keep things diverse has been extremely beneficial for myself and people I’ve talked to. Learn to love the experience, and learn to love the kitchen!

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to stick to your keto diet”

  1. Hey Nick! This was super insightful! I honestly wasn’t quite sure how people managed to stick to certain diet plans because it seems too strict. Also, sometimes the stigma of calorie counting or keto just makes the whole experience unappealing. Hearing you explain some tips and tricks enlightened me that its really just about helping your body stay healthy and that there are substitutions so you can still fulfill the craving for nachos or something that seems like its off the menu. Thank you!

  2. Super informative, sounds like you have some great tips to keep someone going on the keto diet. Have you tried any other diets ? If so any others you enjoy.? Does the amount of protein tend to make you feel more energetic?

    1. Hi Meaghan,
      As someone who has done the ketogenic diet for long periods of time, it is absolutely essential to find ways to make it as enjoyable as possible. Constantly trying new recipes and finding ways to indulge keeps me sane. The amount of protein isn’t what keeps people energized, it’s the lack of carbs that really curb the drowsiness.
      I have never tried any other diets, simply because I am pretty lazy when it comes to my food choices so I wanted something that I could follow easily without having to do so much research on a constant basis. Yet here I am, writing a whole blog centered around Keto. Thanks for your comment!

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