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“Sorry, we are Closed” 

By Hunter Wade | January 26, 2023

The end of an era

2023 started with a bang. On Jan. 20, the free US cable streaming website USTVGO, giving viewers up to 300 channels, was terminated by the matrix. In one swift day, a website, twitter and discord disappeared, confirmed by torrentfreak (Popular TV Streaming Service USTVGO Shuts Down * TorrentFreak). A community of cord-cutting pirates are now cableless.

 Youtube comments and online articles blame an article (journalists ruining the fun for everyone) and a growing discord server that may have put this underground website on some anti-piracy tv executive’s radar. 

I watched the 2020 debates, caught late night adult swim, and endless hours of south park, all on this streaming website. While some pirates enjoy watching stream sites with zero ads check out lookmovie2 for free shows and just movies. Others, like me, enjoyed joining the cable matrix, with everyone’s favorite mind numbing fun: commercials. 

While some might gawk and mouth vomit at the idea of people watching cable for free. There will always be other websites to fill the void, but we have yet to see if a website can pick up as much steam and popularity as USTVGO. 

As we march closer to a more centralized internet, a certain freedom of going against the grain and allowing those without the financial means to enter the wild western media circus has unfortunately ended.

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