Young Adults prefer Reading News Online over Watching it

The article I chose this week is yet another topic I personally relate to. Writer, Terry Heaton focused on New Pew Research’s recent statistics stating that young adults prefer to read news online rather than watch it. Heaton goes on to explain the two important reasons why this is occurring: reading over watching is a lot faster and the wasted time of advertising that is meant for a different media platform.

pew-readersI absolutely agree with Heaton’s reasonings. As I stated in a previous blog post, I hardly watch television and when I do, it’s never to watch the news. I believe reading news online is more beneficial than watching it on tv, because you can scroll through stories you’re not interested in and read the ones that you are. Watching it on television does not allow viewers to do that since news outlets cover all different kinds of news during their program and could possibly not touch on something viewers want information about.

Being able to access news online is convenient and something I will always take advantage of. Now that newspapers are getting published less and less, how long will it be till online news completely takes over?

*Graphic courtesy of Pew Research Center

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4 Responses to Young Adults prefer Reading News Online over Watching it

  1. Kyle says:

    There is one exception to this rule on video and that’s when the video itself is the story. This typically happens when the video is dramatic, like video of a car crash, etc. But otherwise, I agree that all users prefer text. It’s just easier to consume. It can also be consumed silently, which comes in handy at work 🙂

  2. Joe Kubicki says:

    I completely agree with this idea. Modern media consumers do not want to be passive about getting their news information. We like to have control of almost all aspects of our lives and this is no exception. This will also have an impact on the type of news content produced for the web. The traditional 30 min or hour news cast will almost certainly die as people stop watching. This is really the last one way communication media channel alive and it will have to adapt or die.

  3. Benjamin Seidel says:

    It is weird to think that our generation would read more than we watch but it makes sense when it comes to our attention spans. We want to be able to read what we want and not have to read anything extra. Videos tend to have extra information we don’t really care about but have to sit through because if we fast forwarded, we may be missing important information.

  4. many says:

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