Looking Back on the Semester

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Throughout this semester we have discussed and examined many issues and ideas that journalists are currently facing or will face in the foreseeable future. I tried to keep the topics organized so that people could find them easily. I wanted to write all of the blog posts with a similar style. I wanted to make sure that I started each one with a review of the facts and articles and then continue on with my discussion and thoughts on the topic.  

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ESPN in Trouble

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In an article from the Washington Post they describe the fact that Disney owned sports network ESPN has their investors worried. Like many cable television networks, viewership is declining at an astonishing rate as people cut the cord and gravitate toward online streaming services. According to the article the Nielsen rating system expects ESPN to lose 555,000 subscribers in this month alone and has already lost 9 million in the last 3 years. While ESPN is owned by Disney who is financially stable, investors are worried that keeping ESPN under the brand umbrella could curt the other business ventures. Some believe that Disney should sell ESPN while others think that they should not be too quick to make a decision. 

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Scott Pelley Words of Wisdom

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pelley-2    pelley_2014

In 2013 Scott Pelley won the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award. In his acceptance speech he emphasized the idea that journalism as it is today is not working. He cited several major errors on the media’s part one of them being his own mistake in reporting on Newtown. He stated that there is a push from within the industry to be first but being first and wrong helps no one.  

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American TV Icon Dies

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carol_brady        brady_bunch_full_cast_1973

Over the Thanksgiving weekend Florence Henderson, the mom from The Brady Bunch passed away in Los Angles at the age of 82. According to the article in TV News Check she passed away from heart failure. The Brady Bunch Initially ended in 1974 but was so popular it was brought back in different forms. Henderson is now another celebrity who won American hearts through television to pass away this year. The list includes Gene Wilder, Arnold Palmer, Doris Roberts, and Dan Haggerty among others.

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Top News Stories

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Top News Stories Map


Facebook Fake News Stories

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Today I found an interesting article in my RSS feed. The article in the New York Times technology section discussed the impact that fake news stories are having in real life politics. This comes in light of recent criticism of false news stories on Facebook that may have swayed the way voters voted in the most recent election. The article stated that this is not anything new, as similar problems have been seen in the Philippines among other countries.  

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Facebook Unsuccessful in Promoting Nightly Newscasts

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Today I found an interesting on the Advancing The Story blog. It discussed the idea that while Facebook is working well to promote news websites it is struggling to promote nightly newscasts. The article says that the most successful post was a video that people watched and then commented on.  

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More Journalism Mess Ups

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I was looking through my RSS feed and found an interesting article by Richard Horgan. He discussed the recent update in the Rolling Stone case where the reporter was found guilty of Defamation with malice. Reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely published a story about a rape that supposedly happened at the University of Virginia. The story was later found to be completely false and the major interview subject was lying and the reporter never fact checked anything.

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Clinton on Heals

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TV Ad Spending Starts Nosedive

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Today I found an interesting article on the Media Life blog. It discussed the fact that while ratings are up for TV shows, ad spending on these shows is down 13.2%. So what does this mean for the television industry?  

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