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15 May

Meme Presentation

Full Presentation click- Meme Presentation – KK vs. Chum Bucket

15 May

The Internet is Changing Journalism as We Know It

For better or for worse the growth of the internet has drastically changed the landscape of journalism. The amount of different ways the internet has changed journalism is nearly countless and we’re still waiting to see the lasting effects of these changes. The internet has provided the tools so anyone can be a journalist, it […]

20 Mar

New Communication Technology’s Impact on Sports Reporting

19 Mar

Field Work #2

In this phase I did the interviews and took photographs. One problem I ran into was that all the cameras were checked out at Anderson Library on one of the days of my interviews so even though I needed it for the video portion of the project I was unable to get video footage of […]

19 Mar

Field Work #1

The first step of my field work was organizing my thoughts and setting up interviews. Setting up the interviews was the most difficult process for me, not just because you can’t always fit into other peoples’ schedules, but also because I don’t have a working camera on my phone so not only do I have […]

19 Mar

The internet is not making us stupid

For class this week we looked at a couple of articles that argued for and against the concept that the internet is making us stupid. In my personal opinion I think this is one of the most, if not the most, ludicrous claims someone can make. Arguing that the internet makes us stupid would be […]

12 Feb

Facebook’s impact on loneliness

The articles Facebook Isn’t Making Us Lonely by Eric Klinenberg and Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? By Stephen Marche both attack the same concept, except from different angles. Both articles ultimately are trying to answer the question of whether or not social medias make us more or less lonely. The article by Eric Klinenberg argues […]

12 Feb

Future of Reputation

The article the “Future of Reputation” touches on how the internet has impacted how reputation can be seen even before a first impression. The article focuses on a couple instances, most specifically dog-poop girl, where a person receives massive public shaming due to an instance that gets blown out of proportion and can receive thousands […]

06 Feb

NCT: Twitter and Tear Gas

The first chapter in the book Twitter and Tear Gas by Zeynep Tufekci essentially breaks down how fast the world of communication is changing around us and how that affects our day-to-day interactions with the media and also with each other. He uses this to connect new communication technologies to community, self worth and social issues. […]

29 Jan

Love Online and It takes a village to find a phone review

Love Online Henry Jenkins’ article Love Online takes a deep look at his son’s online relationship. The article was written in 2002 so I feel like it delves into a lot of stigmas and problems that are no longer true when it comes to online dating. First, Jenkins talked about some of the problems his […]

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