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12 Feb

Future of Reputation

The article the “Future of Reputation” touches on how the internet has impacted how reputation can be seen even before a first impression. The article focuses on a couple instances, most specifically dog-poop girl, where a person receives massive public shaming due to an instance that gets blown out of proportion and can receive thousands of views.

In the situation of dog-poop girl a girl on a train in Asia who was carrying her dog let her dog poop on the train and even though other train-riders asked the girl to clean up the poop the girl refused to clean it up. It was then one of the passengers took a photo of the girl to a popular asian blog, quickly becoming mainstream news. It was at this time where this dog-poop girl became famous for breaking a social norm. This is massive enforcement of breaking a social norm may not be a bad thing, but it’s also not necessarily good that this girl can be remembered for the rest of her life for breaking a social norm. It was at this point the dog-poop girl was having a hard time getting through life. Everywhere she went, job she applied for for and social interaction the girl was recognized as dog-poop girl.

This Daniel J. Solove argues is the future of reputation. With things like social media sites and viral videos people can develop a first impression, a reputation, before they even meet. This can affect all things including employment moving forward.

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