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19 Mar

The internet is not making us stupid

For class this week we looked at a couple of articles that argued for and against the concept that the internet is making us stupid. In my personal opinion I think this is one of the most, if not the most, ludicrous claims someone can make. Arguing that the internet makes us stupid would be like people in the early industrial revolution arguing that books were making them stupid. Or like people in the late 1800s arguing that radio made people stupid. Or like people arguing that television makes people stupid. The thing is that the number one way for people to continue to learn and grow intellectually is to learn and build on what was taught in the past. That’s why all these resources have only improved intelligence as people have grown up. Just think that a couple hundred years ago nobody knew what germs were, and now we are finding cures to some of the worlds’ deadliest diseases. To argue that the internet is making people stupid is foolish.

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