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07 Oct

Project Topic


I would like to take a look at how New Communication Technologies spreads political ideas. I think it would be fun to look at how and why things like gay marriage, legalization, and gun sales have grown in popularity with the growth of social media. I think it would also be fun to look at why people on both sides think that New Communication Tech helps their party and hurts the other party. I would like to interview both students and political science professors and see what they think about the topic. I am struggling on what I would use for photographs. I know I could get photos of meetings of the school democrats and republicans and photos of the professors that I interview, but other than that I am not sure what I would photograph. I could probably try and take photos of things like students on facebook political pages, but I’m not sure how I would do that without posing the picture.


Possible Sources

Professor- Eric Loepp is Political science professor who is relatively young. He could give his thoughts on the shift or changes caused by NCT.

Professor- Kate Ksobiech is a Health Communications professor here. Ksobiech works in the health communications department so she is not only aware on one of the biggest political debates at the moment, health care, but she is well versed in the role communication plays in it.

Group- UW-W College Republicans- I’ll contact try to meet leader

Group- UW-W College Democrats- Meet leader – I think it would be awesome to do an individual interview with the leader of both of the major political groups here on campus and see how they each think NCT is affecting the viewpoints of their fellow students.

I would like to interview a few regular students to get the perspective of an average Joe and how they think NCT is changing perceptions.

I would also like to try and interview a campaign leader for a large local campaign. I’m not sure if it is possible, but I will try to message via Twitter and email the campaign leader for a campaign like Tom Barrett and see how they tried to use NCT to increase their influence and reach.

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