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21 Sep

NCT: Tuesday Class Discussion

In Tuesday’s class we discussed online media habits and what motivates those habits. Coming out of that discussion I found that when my classmates and I actually sat and thought about how much time we spent online we all had the same reaction. It was pretty crazy. We all felt that we spent around six hours or more a day online. Basically if we weren’t working or in class we were all online in some capacity. Whether it be playing video games online or watching YouTube videos. The common theme that all of us shared was that we went online to stay up to date. We all used the internet to gather news on politics, video games and almost everything in between. As a group none of us were big sharers so I can’t comment too much on what motivates everybody to go online other than to keep our friends and family who we are no longer connected to up to date on what is going on in our lives.

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