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Summary of Changes and this Blog’s Future


The biggest change that has been made to this blog over time has been the addition of personal touches, mostly notably photos of myself to allow for people to see the man behind the blog. I’ve also taken great care to expand the RSS feeds for blogs that I follow, as well as provide a few places of intrigue for users beyond this blog. I re-tooled the search bars to make it easier to find my various blog entries both via title of entry and category/subject matter. This is evident in that every story I wrote this semester was put in at least one distinct category. I acknowledged the importance of consistent hierarchical design, with each post following the same structure of an image at the top, then the first part of the entry, split off to encourage a complete reading, while not removing the main point of the story, with the two lines of the blog reserved to link to the original blog post I’m responding to and where I got my headline image from. I limited the amount of entries my readers would see, because I understand that most people won’t bother to read past what’s on the first page, but with less on that first page, they might just be encouraged to read more. [Read more →]

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My First Storify Piece


What’s new to make this site better

First, I added a search bar which was long overdue, so now one can find my posts via searching. I also added the first of many RSS feeds to allow greater connectivity to the blogs I comment on/follow. Both of these things not add to the completeness of the site, but also create a greater sense of  alignment and consistency. I also cleaned up the page giving more contrast to the articles to allow better breathe-ability and better space management, along with cut off points that introduce a topic, but create a cut-off point if desire to read more. Lastly, I moved the Meta widget to the right side so the front page looked even and had an easier sense of usability and unity.