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Injury-Ridden Packers Survive Sluggish 2nd Half to Win Heading Into Early Bye Week

This past Sunday’s Green Bay Packers game against division rival’s the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field was a tale off two completely different Packer teams. The first half saw utter dominance over the Lions on both sides of the ball, with 4 Aaron Rodgers passing touchdowns and a 31-10 halftime lead. Unfortunately, defensive injuries finally seemed to catch up to the Packers who held on to win 34-27. Four defensive starters sat out for the Packers last Sunday including Clay Matthews, Morgan Burnett, Letroy Guion, and Datone Jones. Combine that with already out with an injury star player Sam Shields and struggling against the pass already (the team finally having locked down opponents on run defense), Packer’s defense was backed in to a corner despite stellar first half play. Mike Spofford, who wrote the original blog on this story, shows through a series of video interviews with Head Coach Mike McCarthy and Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers that their confidence in the team hasn’t wavered in spite of the crop of injuries. [Read more →]

How We Can Spin Nostalgia Without Overwhelm Us

In the wake of multiple forms of media, some of which have lost traction in the modern era, we often find ourselves curious of the future and in the process embrace the past. This is a common them in entertainment, this desire to establish a comfort zone with something from childhood or just before our childhoods and become either hung up on something “tainting memories” or being good, but necessary on it’s own. What’s more is as time progresses we find new things becoming Nostalgic and under the threat of being remade as in a way that misses the original’s point. This is something incredibly common in video games and movies, the most noteworthy of 2016 being DOOM and Ghostbusters respectively. Even though each borrowed the idiotic naming convention of reboot/new story with the successful brand name attached to it (which carries its own risks) can be successful or unsuccessful partly based on memories, but more importantly based on its value as a stand alone product. [Read more →]

Blogs I follow/analysis

The first blog that I chose was for Comic Book Resources or CBR.com as it’s known online. Even though these could be consider as news pieces more so than blogs, I think their greatest strength is that it is maintained by multiple writers that work together to break news on the same industry. As a result of the multiple writers a greater scope and more coverage of stories is afforded, which allows CBR.com to deal with not just news regarding the physical books, but also the various other outlets of media the material is showcased in. Although the blogs through feedly don’t allow for user interaction, comments can be posted on the official website and upon visiting said website there is a visible flow in the posts, allowing the user to see far more on a single page. Comic fans are a generally loyal fanbase who tend to appreciate information offered on the subject and generally encourages new readers/viewers to get involved which allows CBR to appeal to both demographics of comics fans by including the aforementioned multimedia news coverage. [Read more →]