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Spat Regarding Spring Splash and Boomer or Bust Leaving the Police’s K-9 Division in Awkward Spot Highlights the Annual Common Council Meeting

At the Feb. 7 meeting of the Whitewater Common City Council, the hottest issue of the night was the announcement of the organization Wisconsin RED pulling out of the annual Spring Splash event, which will take place on Saturday Apr. 29. The council deliberated for over an hour discussing the impact of last year’s Spring Splash had on the community as a whole. Although it was made clear by Whitewater’s City Manager Cameron Clapper that Spring Splash would not be cancelled, Clapper made it clear that along with Wallace O’Donell, the Council’s Legal Representative (attorney)  held many recent conversations with Wisconsin RED’s leadership. In said discussions O’Donell made it clear that he felt it would be best for both sides if Wisconsin RED did not promote Spring Splash via social media, due to the potential legal ramifications that could occur if things got even more out of hand than last year’s event. [Read more →]