“Sustainability, I think, would be a person, a family, or a group of people living at a place and being able to buy very little to no groceries-like the food part of sustainability. On my 5-acre land, we could grow 99% of the food we eat, but we don’t. I grow some of my own stuff, but I could do a lot better. There would be less impact on everybody else if we grew all our own stuff.  Monetarily, I can afford to buy my own groceries in the super market, but I like the fresh vegetables a lot better. I like, for instance, green beans and asparagus, which are the main things I grow. I will not buy grocery bought asparagus. I think health wise, it’s more sustainable. The meat, we know where the meat comes from. We know where the vegetables come from. We know that there’s no pesticides or chemicals of any kind put on them. Sustainable change, it all needs to start at the local level.”

As the growing season comes to an end, he stands in front of his asparagus patch that has gone to seed.