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Best of : Quotes

Since the semester is coming to a close, I wanted to incorporate a blog that put all my favorite quotes from my interviews in one spot. Overall, this process was super enjoyable and it was interesting to see everyone’s different… Continue Reading →

Holly and Matt

During our interview this week, we get to chat with two national service volunteers, who are doing environmental work down in Florida. Among other ideas, they share about how crickets can make your life more sustainable. What does sustainability mean… Continue Reading →

Shae (pt. 2)

Continuing our conversation from last week, I answer more of my own questions about sustainability. As a UW-Whitewater student who is majoring in Environmental Science, I share why I believe environmental education is so imperative. Do you personally know of… Continue Reading →


This week I wanted to change it up again and share my answers to the questions I’ve been asking others throughout these past weeks. I’ll share why our planet itself makes sustainability important and why I feel such a need… Continue Reading →

Definitions of Sustainability

While I’ve been asking around for weeks about what sustainability means to others, let’s take a look at how the term might be defined more academically or officially. The Brundtland Report – 1987 – Our Common Future In a United… Continue Reading →


This week, we meet with Nikelle, an Environmental Engineering student at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. She takes on this week’s interview by revealing that sustainability is a balance between more than just humans and our natural environment. What does sustainability… Continue Reading →

Cody and Brianna

Today, we get to chat with Cody and Brianna, new homeowners living in South Dakota. Sharing which products they use to try to make less of an impact, we get some insight into what small steps we can make to… Continue Reading →

Pascal and Janet

During our interview this week, we get to meet with Pascal, who was originally from France and Janet, who was originally from the Philippines. They share the benefits of thinking long term in relation to the concept of sustainability. What… Continue Reading →


Today, we get to meet with Andrea, an environmental educator/ naturalist at Severson Dells Nature Center. She discusses how important the future is and what her and her husband are trying to do to make a difference. What does Sustainability… Continue Reading →


For this week’s interview, we meet Chris, a history student at UW-Whitewater. He narrows in on the environmental issues that have to do with plastic pollution and what that means in terms of sustainability. He also provides some solutions to… Continue Reading →

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