Is this the best Joker performance yet?

For today’s “Film in Review,” I’m going to be discussing the latest blockbuster to hit theaters, ‘Joker’.


Over the weekend I went to the release of Todd Phillip’s ‘Joker.’ It is certain that Joaquin Phoenix’s interpretation of the prince of crime is different than any we’ve ever seen; some are even referring to it as the best one to date.

Now, it goes without question that this adaptation of the super villain is very dark and very stark.  Phoenix does a brilliant job at navigating you through the inner-workings of the Joker’s mind as he makes his descent into madness. He offers so many nuances to the role that range from subtle eye twitches to flamboyant full body movements that end up complimenting the character so well. Within moments of the film starting, I was sucked in to Joaquin’s compelling take on Gotham’s most notorious villain.

“A movie that borders on genius-repellant, dark, terrifying, disgusting, brilliant and unforgettable.” -Rex Reed

The film tackles issues like classism, mental illness, and humiliation in a way that is haunting and forces you to keep watching. If you’re planning on seeing this movie with hopes of it being a comic book film or a super-hero movie- don’t! Joker is a part of the DC universe; however, he is known to be one of the most dark, twisted anti heroes in existence. Critics of the movie were upset that it isn’t exactly for kids viewing pleasure. To that I say, there is a rating system for a reason. For my own personal ranking, I would give this movie 4.5/5 stars. Get out and go see it if you haven’t!

Check out the trailer for ‘Joker’ here!
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