Who is the scariest slasher? Ranked

Most people think slasher when they think of horror films. From I Know What You Did Last Summer to Chucky, slasher movies have been a staple in the horror genre. So today, I’m going to be ranking the Top 10 scariest slashers from the least to the most horrifying. Who will be number one?

10. “Do you like scary movies Sidney?” That’s right, falling in at number ten is no other than the sarcastic,

Ghostface from the Scream franchise.

9. Everyone’s favorite killer toy, Chucky.

8. Who can secure our 8th slot? The Candyman Can

7. The man who quite raises hell- Hellraiser.

6. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho just seems like someone you would pass on the street, making him terrifying.

5. A killer who is stuck on revenge? This spot goes to The Fisherman

4. Goes to none other than our favorite halloween slasher, Michael Myers

3. Is stolen by the creepy cannibal; Leatherface

2. Has to go to Jason Voorhees

1. Our top spot goes to Freddy Krueger

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