My favorite horror movie ever?

For today’s “Film in Review,” we’re going to be discussing a movie that still leaves a cold chill down my spine whenever I think about it, and that is Ari Aster’s Hereditary.


Now, I’ve consumed a lot of horror related content in my 22 years on here on this big blue ball of misery. I can say without a fraction of a doubt that Hereditary was the hardest one to digest; and I mean that in the best way possible.

Hereditary begins patiently and quietly. Ari Aster decides to slowly and carefully deliver unwravel the plot through long shots, awkward conversations, and lots of facial expressions until we arrive at a climax that will stay with you long after the end-credits roll. The film opens with a mother played by Toni Collette who has recently lost her own mom. Toni Collette does a fantastic job of relaying a hollowing grief throughout the majority of the film. The performances by the actors do a great job at pulling you in and holding your right there with them, and forcing you to feel what they feel.

Hereditary feels like an endless drawing out of that queasy, shocking, falling dream sensation, as the ground beneath the Graham family, and the viewer, crumbles.

-Andrew Whalen

The story has a slow unveiling until around the third act. The final half of the movie hits you with such a horror that traps you in and leaves you questioning if you actually just experienced what you did. I have yet to see any horror movie like it. For these reasons, I’m giving Hereditary 5/5 stars. It’s a must see for horror lovers.

Watch if you dare!
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