Karolyis are suing USAG

The Karolyis, whom are being time coaches in the US gymnastics world,  are suing USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee over the allegedly wrongful termination of a contract in which the organization was to purchase portions of the ranch. The couple also blames USAG for not informing them of Larry Nassar’s wrongful actions after the organization knew of his crimes.

The lawsuit read…”During the negotiation of the purchase agreement, USAG never informed the Karolyis of Larry Nassar’s alleged sexual misconduct on the property although they had knowledge of the same from the reports they received in 2015”.

According to court documents, the Karolyis are looking to get compensation for “breaches of contract and duties owed to plaintiffs which have resulted in severe damages to plaintiffs’ reputation, health, and real property,”.

The couple has stuck to their initial statements—that they had no knowledge of Nassar’s abuses that took place on their property prior to his arrest.

Do you guys believe that the Karolyis had no clue about Nassars abuses? Or do you believe that they knew and covered it up like other coaches did?

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