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Hello!  My name is Lewa Evans and I am a currently a full time college student at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater! Im  majoring in  environmental science and have an emphasis is geo-sciences. Additionally,  I am a member of the Whitewater gymnastics team!

This blog is going to be about gymnastics! Topics include; college gymnastics meets and results, college gymnasts who have gotten injured, elite gymnasts, and Olympians who are or aren’t currently training for the next Olympics. Also, I will be stating my opinion on what I think of the topic and asking you guys what you think as well. Feel free to leave any comments or questions that you have in the comments section! To add to this, if you guys have any particular topics that you want me to cover(related to gymnastics of course), please leave those in the comments section as well!

I hope these articles can be read and enjoyed by fellow or current gymnasts, anyone who is not a gymnast but has always been interested in reading about the sport, or someone who knows nothing about the sport of gymnastics but would like to read about gymnastics to see if they like it.