Is Laurie Hernandez going to make a comeback?

Olympic gymnastics champion Laurie Hernandez plans on competing in 2019, according to her agent.

Hernandez has not competed since taking team gold and balance beam silver at the Rio Olympics.

Hernandez stated that she hoped to compete in 2018 but would not rush a comeback. Hernandez since decided not to compete at the U.S. Championships this August.

I personally have not heard of Hernandez training or practicing anytime soon. I think it will be harder for her to come back because she has taken a long break from gymnastics and its hard to get back in shape and be on the same level that she once was after such a long break. I believe that she should start her come back soon. The more she puts it off, the more she’s not going to want to come back. Hopefully she starts to get back into her normal training again soon. What do you guys think? Do you think she will have a tough time coming back since she took a long break? Are you rooting for her to come back?

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