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Live Blog Event

For my Social Media Optimization course, I was assigned the task of creating a live blog for a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater sporting event. The event I decided to cover was an intramural flag football game. The teams that played were… Continue Reading →

To Detox or to Not Detox

I won’t lie, I’ve personally tried a detox or two. Everytime I detoxed, I did feel lighter and I lost a couple of pounds. However, I also felt weak and tired, and the weight didn’t stay off. There has been… Continue Reading →

Eat Chocolate!

Admit it, you really like chocolate (more like love it). Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It is estimated that in the U.S., approximately 1 billion people eat chocolate every day. Chances are, most of those people feel a little bit… Continue Reading →

Milk: A White Lie

I was scolded my entire childhood for not drinking my milk because my parents feared that I wasn’t getting enough protein due to the fact that I didn’t enjoy eating animal products. But I was never convinced that I needed… Continue Reading →

A Spoonful of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has been given a bad rep, and old research is to blame. In the past, peanut butter has been shamed for being fattening, and that idea is still present today in the worry of gaining weight. But thanks… Continue Reading →

Did Someone Say Carbs?

To many, the word “carbs” is a scary and conflicting term. They might want to eat all of the carbs in the world, but fear of the consequences, such as weight gain. Due to past diet fads such as the… Continue Reading →

Salmon: A Fish Story

Many look to fish, particularly salmon, for a nutritious meal. Salmon is valued for its heart-healthy omega-3s, and its ability to improve one’s brain health. However, recent studies show that there is a dark side to salmon. Not only is… Continue Reading →

But How Great is Coffee Really?

I started drinking coffee at a very young age. My grandma used to scold me saying that I would never grow past 5 feet (I grew to be 5’4”, so look at me now Grams). Coffee has become such a… Continue Reading →

Tequila: A Misunderstood Beverage

When the word “tequila” is mentioned, I see only two kinds of faces on the people around me. Either a smile that goes ear to ear or a squished up face that looks like they just got done sucking on… Continue Reading →

Calling Out Protein

One of today’s most talked about food trends is protein and the benefits it provides. You can see fitness pages on all different social media platforms praising protein and expressing the importance it carries in their diet. It can be… Continue Reading →

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