Step Your Way to Fitness!

Hey Fit Friends!

My fitness journey started back in my first year of college. I wanted to be healthy, but wasn’t truly committed. I didn’t start taking it seriously until I had some health problems with my liver in my junior year of college (not because of drinking! I promise!) because of my weight and diet. I weighed 181 at my highest weight and my height is 5’5. First, everyone’s body is different and gaining/losing weight looks different for everyone. I had to work on eating healthier and losing weight to get my liver to return to normal. Fitbit helped me step up to the challenge!

(Disclaimer! This is my sole opinion on Fitbit products. The company is in no way affiliated with this post.)

Fitbit fitness trackers are great because there is something for everyone. Whether you like something simple, or complex, there is something for you. I purchased a Fitbit to help me become more aware of the activity I do in a day and to motivate me to become more active.  Fitbit not only tracks your steps, but it has the ability to track your exercise, food, weight, sleep, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled and more!

I bought the Charge HR because I like knowing my heart rate when I workout. It also has this pretty fancy caller ID display that flashes across the wristband when I get a call. I usually miss all of my phone calls, but not anymore!



Investing in a Fitbit is definitely something I would recommend to anyone who, like me, wants to be more aware of their activity level , or wants some more motivation to get out there and go.

In addition to helping me become more fit, I use my Fitbit as a social outlet. There is an app that you can download and you can connect with friends and family! There are many challenges to get involved in. For example, Last week I was in the Workweek Hustle. I had all week (M-F) to get the most steps and beat my friends. I ended up winning the challenge with almost 60,000 steps! I have a competitive edge, so that was a drive for me to win and in turn I exercised more at the gym and ran more miles.

If you are wondering which tracker would be best for you, the Fitbit website has a quiz that will find the perfect device for your lifestyle. Link below!

Happy stepping!

Brenna 🙂