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My name is Brenna and I am a student at the University of Wisconsin -Whitewater.  I started this blog to be multiple things for people. First, I want to acknowledge that exercising and eating healthy is a lifestyle and it can be difficult for people to adopt those changes. That will be the primary focus of my posts.  I am continuing to work toward being the best version of myself I can be, but sometimes it can get hard to maintain. I am not a fitness guru, but more of an everyday person who enjoys working out and eating healthy. (For the most part… :)) Fit, Fab and Fine will be for the everyday person, who may be a beginner, or someone who may struggle to make these lifestyle changes like me. As far as content goes, I will share recipes that I really enjoy, quick yet effective workouts for people on the go, and some inspiration tips that I use to keep myself motivated.  Comments and discussion are encouraged!

Thanks, Fit Friends!

Brenna Larson


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