Workout Gear 2.0

Continuing with the workout gear theme….

Remember how I said I am obsessed with workout gear? Well, I have found more clothing options through my Instagram feed! One is called Marika and the other is POP Fit.

I have been looking into ordering from one of these two companies for a while now. I went with what I believed was the best deal to try out the product.

POP  Fit

For their Instagram followers, POP Fit clothing gives new customers a pair of free leggings. You just have to pay for shipping and handling. So I checked out the leggings they offered. They have some pretty wild patterns which are fun if you want to spice things up a bit.  You can sign up to be a V.I.P member, like Fabletics. They bill you $24.99 per month (whether you make a purchase) and you get 20 percent off of all their items. Every month, they will send you a POP Fit legging or top. The longer you stay a members the better the perks. You’ll get an additional free accessory, head wear, and up to 75 percent off jackets and outerwear.


I also found this company on Instagram. I follow both accounts. They have a link in their bio that takes you to their homepage. Marika is another company like Fabletics that offers a subscription based V.I.P account. For $19.95 per month, you get your choice of any item (for free), 60 percent off everything all the time, and free shipping on your orders. I checked out Marika’s leggings as well. I was a big fan of their selections. They had less wild prints that POP Fit, and more solid colors and prints. So I decided to order a pair during their 60 percent off spring sale. I did not have to be a V.I.P member to get the 60 percent off and free shipping. I am using this as a trial run to see if I want to become a V.I.P member and if I like the products.

I will most likely still stay a Fabletics V.I.P member in the meantime, however, if I really like the Marika line, I will switch to that instead. It may be a better deal of two!

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