Good Old Days

As a college Senior with a little over a couple months of school left, the nostalgia of things and the urge to reminisceĀ as my college days are coming to a close are very much real. The “wasn’t it just yesterday we were a clueless little freshman” conversation amongst me and the good friends I’ve made when I first stepped foot on campus is brought up time and time again this year more frequently now as the reality is setting in, that the real adult world is literally only a couple months away from being not just something we spent four years preparing for in the classroom but now actually stepping out into it.

I admit, I’m a little on the sentimental side of things and its hard not getting a little caught up in the emotions especially during this time. Buying my cap and gown and just picturing my parents at graduation cheering me on has me really looking back and appreciating my journey here as a Warhawk. Okay enough with the sappy talk, I apologize but if there is a song that essentially is the theme to all this nostalgia talk, it’s one of Macklemore’s more recent singles from his first solo Album since 2006 “The Good Old Days.” The track features Kesha, as the two compliment each other pretty well in delivering a song that talks about missed opportunities, being young, and the hard-hitting quote that will resonant long after you’ve stopped listening “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

This song hits me directly in the feels and by looking at responses to the song on the internet it’s safe to say it’s done the same to many others. Life goes by so fast, and in college, it seems to be going even a little faster. I know I’m going to look back and cherish a lot of the memories I’ve made here, and while I think back to it, this upcoming graduation month, this song will be definitely playing in my head. A feels trip that brings us back to the simpler days. I will leave with one last quote from Kesha herself and what she had to say about the song, “My new song w @macklemore reminds me of being 16 chasing wild dreams not knowing those moments would be so precious” All the feeeelsss…

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