Brother’s Keeper


Before I go more in-depth¬†with this next feels-good moment (see what I did there) a little about me, I love sports. College basketball for one. The atmosphere, March Madness, etc. Living and growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I grew up to be a huge Northwestern Wildcat basketball fan. With that being said our biggest rival was the Illinois Fighting Illini. So usually when I see videos relating to them or their team, it’s safe to assume I’m not too quick to check it out or show my peak interest but when I fell across this video and read the context and started watching the video, It was hard not to be drawn to its compelling story. A story of a basketball player who at the time (this video is around 6 years old, but still Feels worthy!) was a premier basketball player and future NBA draft pick. He did, in fact, get drafted and as I recall is currently playing for the Portland Trailblazers. I won’t spoil too much as this video needs to be seen to be felt, but this segment of the award-winning¬†TV show “The Journey: Big Ten Basketball” tugs at the heartstrings but will leave viewers smiling from ear to ear at the conclusion. Family, basketball, and happy tears. For you basketball fans and those who have family or loved ones in the Armed forces, this one’s for you.

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