A Tribute to Moms (Winter Olympics Edition)

As the Winter Olympics come to a close I thought it’d be appropriate to discuss a commercial that aired during the games from the company that has been known to deliver emotionally-resonating commercials about how important moms are to the world and of course their children, This commercial is no different. This video follows the narrative of moms raising their kids through the highs and lows of life while also supporting their child’s dreams. The road isn’t easy as you’ll see when watching this video but the ending will definitely have you cheering. To me, I love this commercial for many reasons, from the production, the soundtrack, the unique and different characters but all in all the relationship between mother and child is the one that really stays with you. I owe a lot to my Mom and everything she’s done for me to give me the best chance to succeed at whatever I want to do so watching this commercial and seeing a familiar message like that, it was tough not being a little emotional after it. What makes it better was that part of the narrative was based on an actual true story of competing Olympian.  If you haven’t seen this commercial yet, hop on the feels train and check it out! Oh, and as the central message of this ad states, I feel like I don’t say this enough but, Thank you Mom 🙂

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