In honor of Valentines Day…

As an advertising minor and my major having a video production emphasis, dissecting commercials has just become such a normal part of my life now at this point in my college career. To me what I’ve learned and realized, is the commercials that.. well..┬áhit you in the “feels” are the ones that are most effective as they leave a lasting impression on you. In fact there’s an actual science to this. I won’t discuss it now as you’ll be reading this first blog post longer than I would have intended so let’s cut to the chase. In honor of Valentines Day, I want to highlight and bring attention to a very particular commercial that fits on this day of love, romance, and happiness. If you haven’t seen Extra Gum’s “The story of Sarah and Juan” commercial then you’re missing out an unforgettable ad that will hit you right in the heart. And yes I want to reiterate this is not a typo, but this commercial is in fact for a Gum company. I won’t spill too many beans on this video as I’ll let the clip do the talking but this commercial highlights a high school romance and the highs and lows of young love. It’s genuine, heartwarming, sad, happy all rolled into one two minute clip. I really have to applaud the creative team behind this one. Everyone can vouch for a good love story and this one here is no exception. Choo-choo, all aboard the Feels train. Oh and maybe bring tissues. :’)

Oh one more thing…did I mention that this video on has over 21 million views and went viral?

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