Blog #7- My videos for project

Doing this project was definitely something that I was not familiar with, since I have never had experience working with Premiere Pro for the video portion of our project.

I recorded all of my interviews on my cell phone and that part was pretty easy for me, since I am comfortable with interviewing my peers.  After I recorded all of my interviews, I uploaded them to my computer then eventually put them into Premiere Pro.

Once the videos were in Premiere Pro, I just edited them down to the 2 minute maximum time limit. At this point in the process of the project, I was pretty confident with what I had made for my video portion of the project.

My only issue with the video portion was exporting it to send to Dr. Wachanga. I have never worked with Premiere Pro and I did not know the specific requirements in order to export the video properly. Exporting the final product was the main struggle that I encountered throughout the project process.

Overall, I thought this project was very helpful for future assignments in the journalism area. Being able to work with video is very important and once you have the basics down, it will pay off in the end. This was a very good experience for a project and I will only have more experience from here on out.

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