What NOT to feed your dog on Thanksgiving!

With the holiday season upon us, so is good food season! Family and friends come together during this time to celebrate and cherish the love and gratefulness we have with one another over the common ground of food!

Although Christmas morning can consist of good breakfast casserole or strawberry pastries, Thanksgiving is the holiday with the best and filling food. Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays because of the purpose of it, which is to be thankful for one another. And we thank each other with massive amounts of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, salads with various greens, and of course the main course of the meal, the turkey.

With the amount of food everywhere in the house during this thankful time, please remember to be conscious of what to give your dog and what NOT to give your dog! Of course you want to thank your beloved pup for being such a good dog, but do it safely!

Here are just a few of some UNSAFE foods for your pet!

1. Stuffing

Often times, the delicious and delightful stuffing that is inside the yummy and perfectly seasoned turkey, can find itself to the floor on Thanksgiving day. But make sure, if your stuffing does fall to floor to pick it up right away! Stuffing is commonly made with lots of garlic and onions which are extremely toxic for your dog. Injesting garlic and or onions can lead to your dog having an upset stomach, throwing up, and even anemia.

2. Turkey Bones

After eating your appetizing turkey, make sure to THROW AWAY your old turkey bones. The digestion of bones can cause vomiting, unsettling bowel movements, and severe internal damage to your dog. The bones can even potentially puncture your dogs stomach which may lead to internal bleeding and even death. So be thankful you have a garbage can and throw your left over bones in the trash!

3. Salads with Rasins & Grapes

We cannot forget about everyone’s favorite salad that your Grandma or Aunt makes every year! Salads served at Thanksgiving dinners are commonly made with grapes or raisins and garlic. If you read my last blog, you will know that grapes and raisins are very harmful to your dog! These fruits can cause severe kidney failure in your pup, so make sure all the grapes and rasins end up in your belly and NOT your dogs!

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