Interview with Professional Dog Lovers

The next person I decided to interview was my friend Mia. She recently just adopted her dog from a shelter. I figured interviewing Mia was useful because readers can learn and realize that adopting older dogs from shelters are better than buying dogs or younger puppies. This interview can also show readers that the stigma saying that older dogs from shelters are more likely to be sick or mean is not true.

Question 1: What kind of dog do you have? What is their name? How old are they? 

I have a black Lab mix, his name is Elvis! He just turned 7 years old in August. 

Question 2: When and where did you get your dog, and how old were you?

I adopted on September 22, 2019, just two months ago! I adopted Elvis through the Humane Society in Janesville. I am/was 21 years old when I adopted him. 

Question 3: What makes your dog so lovable?

My roommates and I foster animals through the Humane Society and Elvis was one of our fosters. We had him for only a few days before I realized I wanted him to be mine forever! What really solidified my feelings was that my father ended up falling in love with him, and my father is NOT a dog person! Elvis is the sweetest thing; he is the biggest baby and loves to cuddle. He also loves attention! 

Question 4: What are some of your favorite things to do with your dog? What are their favorite toys?

One of Elvis’s favorite things to do is run around our backyard; he loves being outside! We chase each other around and I don’t know why but he charges right at me and knocks me over! He also loves car rides, so I try to take him with me whenever I go anywhere. One of Elvis’s favorite toys is a rope, he loves to play tug of war! 

Question 5: Do you have any advice for other dog owners or future dog owners? 

For current dog owners, I would probably have to say to love your dog as if it is your child. They see you as their parent, so you should treat them as your kid! For future dog owners, I say to ALWAYS adopt! By adopting, you are giving a pet another chance at a better life. You could be saving an animal from being euthanized and you will be keeping them out of poor conditions. Also, make sure you are ready to take care of a dog! They are a lot of responsibility and they deserve the best, so be sure you are ready, both mentally and financially, before adopting one. 

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