Class tips and tricks during Covid-19

We are lucky as a generation that we had already been introduced to forms of online school. We are used to using canvas or other school sites to turn in assignments, watch lectures, take exams, and more. Some of us are even used to taking classes fully online. But, normally, students have the choice to either take school online or in person; but covid took that choice away from us. For some students it is easy to keep up with classes without going in person, but for some it is not. So how do students transition from in person to virtual learning?

Since I have started attending college I have always taken at least one online course a semester, not because I find them easier but because it is easier to schedule around. Throughout  these courses I have learned some helpful tips on how to not fall behind in class and be successful. 

These tips include:

  • Planner
    • Having a planner is key, it may seem simple but it is the one thing that can keep you organized. Now, it is one thing to have a planner but you have to use it right. The best way I have learned to use a planner is at the beginning of each semester go through your class web page and write down when all exams, quizzes, and assignments are due. You will have four to six classes a semester, so you will want to color code each class so it’s easier to follow. Next, at the beginning of each week you need to make a “To Do” list for the week and each day so you can stay on track. Lastly, even though you have every exam, assignment and quiz organized, sometimes professors will add assignments or quizzes as the semester goes on, so it is important to check weekly to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • A weekly schedule 
    • A weekly schedule is not only important to stay on track during the semester, but also to keep a healthy balance between school life and social life. In the middle of a pandemic it is easy to think you have all the time in the world to get things done, and you can go hang out with your friends or watch netflix instead of doing homework. But things sneak up on you if you don’t make time for them. I have learned that the best way to not fall behind is to have a few hours everyday or every other day (whatever works best in your schedule) to do your homework for that day or week. I personally schedule this time from 10 am to 3 pm on Tuesdays and Thursday’s, along with a few hours on Sundays if I need them. Now some people need more time for their home work and some people need less, but it really just depends on your personal study habits and how much homework your major requires. 
  • A designated study space 
    • A designated study space is something that works for me personally. I used to do my homework laying in bed and watching netflix. And that worked for me when we had in person classes because I had less homework to do on my personal time. But I learned very quickly that being fully online laying in bed doing homework would not work for me, I would get distracted easily and take twice as long to get my homework done. I found that picking a space outside of my room and doing all my homework there was the best way for me to be successful. This place was a quiet place, that was away from my other roommates so I wouldn’t get distracted. I was lucky to have a sun room in my house that I could set up in but you have to find a place that works for you. This could be a desk in your room, a spot at the kitchen table, or at the library if you have access too. You may have to try out a few spaces before you find a space that works best for you.

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