• Working with others

    Understanding and respecting others’ views on Covid-19

    Corona Virus is a very serious disease that quickly changed our lives this year, but no one knows to much about it, and everyone seems to have a different opinion about it. Some people think the only way to get past is to stay inside and not see anyone. Some people believe it is okay to live life normally like nothing has changed because this is like any other flu or virus. Every one is entitled to have their own opinions and act accordingly, and that is very important to remember. Don’t judge someone for not wanting to go to a party, they may live with their grandma who is…

  • Tips

    Class tips and tricks during Covid-19

    We are lucky as a generation that we had already been introduced to forms of online school. We are used to using canvas or other school sites to turn in assignments, watch lectures, take exams, and more. Some of us are even used to taking classes fully online. But, normally, students have the choice to either take school online or in person; but covid took that choice away from us. For some students it is easy to keep up with classes without going in person, but for some it is not. So how do students transition from in person to virtual learning? Since I have started attending college I have…

  • Social Life

    College social life during Covid-19

    As college students, one of everyone’s favorite parts of college is making memories with their friends (and drinking). But how are we supposed to do that when everyone says being with your friends is dangerous. It’s hard to feel like you are doing the right thing when some people tell you to just go out and live your life while some people tell you to stay home and do not see anyone. I personally believe it should be up to everyone individually, depending on their situation. I understand some people may not agree with this but at this point, who really knows whats right and wrong anymore. I think that…

  • About

    About Me

    Hi everyone!   I am a Senior at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. My major is Communications, Public Relations with a minor in Marketing, I hope to pursue a career in sports marketing or social media marketing. Living during a pandemic is interesting but theres many ways to go about your daily life. As a college student, I think I’ve managed pretty well, and I hope I can help others as well.