Man, it seems like every other Bears and Bulls player has either gotten some sort of significant injury or had to miss time because of Covid-19 protocols. Not that that’s anyone’s fault or something that can be controlled, but you have to wonder where each team would be if they were able to stay healthy throughout the course of their respective seasons. Let’s get started…


Eddie Goldman, Khalil Mack, Justin Fields, Eddie Jackson, Allen Robinson, David Montgomery, Andy Dalton, and Tarik Cohen are all notable Bears players that have missed a big chunk of time this season. The Bears currently sit at 4-8 on the season, but there have been at least a few losses that you can’t help but wonder what they would’ve been like if the Bears were at full strength. I truly believe the Bears’ winning percentage would be at least at .500 if they were able to stay healthy, but that’s always easier said than done and is never something you can control. All we can hope for the rest of the season is the development of Justin Fields and our other young guys and to have a very productive off season. Nevertheless, BEAR DOWN IT’S PACKERS WEEK.


Speaking of notable players missing time, the Bulls are also not immune to injuries and Covid protocols. Coby White, Patrick Williams, Nikola Vucevic, and now DeMar DeRozan have all missed time due to these inconveniences. Even Zach Lavine has been dealing with a sore wrist throughout the beginning of the year. Luckily the Bulls still sit among the top teams in the Eastern Conference. The only game I can think of that the Bulls truly would’ve still lost even at full strength was when they got curb stomped by Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Because, you know, it’s Steph Curry and the Warriors. The bright side for the Bulls is that they are far more established than the Bears and have a lot more security and certainty about their future going forward. The Bulls will still have more than enough opportunities to make their presence be felt in the NBA this year.

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