This past week involved us celebrating thanksgiving. We’re of course always thankful for family, friends, homes, schools, etc. but the ones reading this blog can also happily say that we’re thankful for sports. I would want to say we’re also thankful for the teams we cheer for, but as a Chicago fan that’s hard to say most of the time. So as usual, let’s talk about it. Let’s get started…


This is by far the biggest question mark as far as deciding if we’re thankful for them or not. The Bears seem to bring us more grief and headaches than happiness and triumph over our rivals. But I guess it’s better to have a football team to cheer for than to have no team to cheer for. As of late, what makes being a Bears fan so stressful is the fact that it takes us till the very last second to beat a winless Detroit Lions team, we have no idea what our coaching situation is, and it seems like half of our team is always injured. The Bears have completely botched this Matt Nagy situation. If you don’t want to fire a head coach midseason, fine. But don’t let reports get leaked that you’re either searching for replacements or that you might fire your coach after a specific game. Maybe I don’t know what it takes to handle certain situations in a front office, but it’s clear that the Bears don’t know either. It’s time for the McCaskey’s to sell this team to someone who does.


Now here’s a team we can certainly be thankful for. Thankful for a historic past and a bright future ahead of us. I’m thankful for the “Last Dance” documentary that gave us all the proof we needed that the Bulls were the greatest dynasty in sports history and that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever step foot on a court. I’m thankful for Zach Lavine and company for being one of the most exciting young and new teams in the league that have a chance to be an unstoppable force for years to come. The Bulls feel like the complete opposite of the Bears as of right now.


They may not currently be as good of a team as we wish them to be, but they do still have a lot of potential and a historic, albeit dark, recent past. We’re also thankful for one of the greatest all time duos in Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. We’re also thankful for young players like Brandon Hagel, Lukas Reichel, Philipp Kurashev, Kevin Lankinen, Kirby Dach, and more prospects to come.

Cubs/White Sox

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I usually type these two together lately. It’s a lot simpler considering these two are currently not doing a single thing so far this offseason. It’s also easy to say we’re thankful for both of these teams considering their recent success in the last decade or so and how they look to be fairing for the future. Let’s be honest, as Chicago fans, we have to do what we can to be thankful for as much as possible.

5 thoughts on “May We Be Thankful.. I guess”

  1. I used to be a Bear fan, but I got sick of seeing them have a losing season almost every year. For that reason, and because my father, who was a Bear fan, passed away in 2013, I totally gave up on the Bears. I now just watch whatever football game that is on just to see the action. Lastly, you may not like this news, but now that I am planning on becoming a permanent Wisconsin resident, I may eventually become a Packer fan.

  2. this was a great post as I too am a Chicago Sports fan, so I can understand why we’re thankful for our marvelous teams.

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