Canon 18-55mm 1.4-5.6f

For this week’s post, we’re going to be looking at the 18mm-55mm Lens also known as the “starter lens”. This is called the starter lens or a “kit” lens because it comes with the purchase of most Canon cameras. This lens has a wide variety of uses as it has a large focal length. The 18mm aspect of the lens is perfect for landscapes or full body portraits while the 55mm lens is amazing for portrait or close up photography. Since it’s a zoom lens, it allows for the photographer to stand still but get a wide variety of shots from one location.

Pros of the camera: Cheap (usually free), zoom lens, great auto-focus, wide range of shots that can be taken.

Cons of the camera: Almost zero bokeh effect, low quality build, bad in low lighting.

Overall, this is a great starter lens for any photographer because it allows you to find what focal length works best for you and it comes with most cameras. I would rank this an 6/10 for lenses and an absolute must have for anyone new to photography.

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  1. It is really cool to not only see that there are so many different kinds of lenses, but I found it really interesting learning about what type of photography each of these lenses is for.

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