Canon 85mm 1.8F

The Canon 85mm 1.8F lens is a fantastic lens for portrait photographers who want an amazing Bokeh effect (Bokeh is the blurry background effect that you see with professional YouTubers or with most senior pictures). The lens works best when the subject is around twenty to thirty feet away. When you have a lens with a higher mm number, the shorter field of view the photographer will have. With that being said, the 85mm lens is the least utilized lens in my arsenal. Due to the fact that it does not have a wide field of view, and the fact that it’s a prime lens (a prime lens is a lens that does not zoom in, this can be preferable over a zoom lens because you get a better bokeh effect and typically works better in low light settings). I would not recommend this lens to any beginning photographers, for a good portrait lens, the safest choice will be my next week’s topic, “The Nifty Fifty”.

Pros: Amazing bokeh, works great in low light, and a relatively cheap lens.

Cons: Only works in large areas, not as cheap as a 50mm lens, can not zoom in, and small field of view.

2 thoughts on “Canon 85mm 1.8F”

  1. Even on road trips when most would prefer to do landscape photography, I sometimes most enjoy portrait photography. Catching the moments when my friends or family are taking in the scenery are some of my favorite moments to capture. Using my 50mm lens that creates the bokeh, I have taken some of my favorite photos that way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This post was super informative! As somebody who does not have a background in photography, and as someone who doesn’t know anything about cameras and lenses it was super easy to read and super interesting.

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