Canon 50mm 1.8f

This week I am going to be covering the “Nifty Fifty”. The nifty fifty is a 50mm 1.8f lens that is often regarded as the most important lens any beginner should have in their bag. A 50mm lens will be the closest thing to what the human eye sees, so it feels the most accurate to our current vision with little distortion making it one of the best lenses for portrait photography. When dealing with any wide angle lens, there will always be a bit of distortion in the corners of the lens especially when the lens is tilted at all which causes for limited types of photos unless you’re looking for a unique art style. The lens also tops out at a relatively cheap price of $100. This lens is fantastic for beginners because it’s cheap, it’s compact and lightweight, and it works in most situations. To use this lens well, the subject should be around ten to fifteen feet away and it gives a beautiful bokeh effect. I have absolutely no complaints about the lens. This is a fixed lens however, so there is no zoom.

Pros: Cheap, lightweight, good bokeh, functional, gives the best picture that is closest to reality.

Cons: Fixed lens and overused.

This is a 10/10 lens. I absolutely recommend it for any beginner, intermediate, or expert. This isn’t my favorite lens, and I personally don’t use it often but I respect its versatility and the quality of the lens.

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  1. Your blog is super informative to people like myself that don’t have any clue about how cameras work, and the different types of lenses. I enjoy reading about it! It was a really interesting post!

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