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Best Quick Meals to Make in College

Personally, I am a really bad cook who usually can’t think of good food options to consume. I was at the grocery store yesterday and spent an hour just thinking what I could eat on the healthier side and how to properly get worth out of what I was purchasing. The store can be intimidating if you don’t really know what to buy and you can easily over or under purchase. I personally do not have the time or money to buy a bunch of ingredients to make one meal that might last me two days at best. It is hard not to eat out all the time If your like me in this way, stay tuned to hear some options I thought of to get you through the week!


  • Chobani yogurt (I prefer the strawberry flavor)
  • Eggs and Toast
  • Cereal ( I love Life cereal right now)- make sure you grab milk
  • Aunt Jemima pancake mix ( if you have a stove you just need to add water to the mix)
  • Granola bars ( I love
  • Bagel with cream cheese
  • Fruit


  • Sandwiches ( like whole grain bread with turkey and cheese)
  • Microwaveable hot dog or brat you can throw on a bun with some ketchup and mustard. (learned this trick recently)
  • Quick & easy Mac & Cheese
  • Fruit
  • Soup (during those cold months)
  • Ramen (obviously)
  • Quick make salads
  • Wraps


  • Chicken & Rice
  • Noodles (I like broccoli mixed in)
  • Tacos (steak or chicken)
  • Salads ( love the grab and go’s at the grocery store where you just have to put the dressing on top of the -pre-made salads, BBQ one is my favorite)
  • Baked Ziti (so easy & yummy)
  • Burgers ( who doesn’t want a good cheeseburger)
  • Str Fry or Meatloaf (healthy and tasty options)
  • Chicken Tenders (yummy)

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