6 Reasons to Join Colligate Athletics and Extracurriculars

There are many beneficial reasons for joining a college sport or extracurricular. Throughout my four years of college, I played golf for the UW Whitewater Golf Team, joined Greek life for a couple years and was a part of two clubs including PRSSA and the National Society of Leadership and Success. These activities are where I enhanced my knowledge physically and mentally along with where I met my lifelong friends. Here are a few beneficial reasons I learned of why you should join that can help improve your character, knowledge and skills outside the classroom and create lasting memories.

  1. Time Management- You learn how to manage your time in and out of the classroom environment as a student-athlete as well as being apart of extracurriculars. Time is a valuable thing and you learn to waste as little of it as possible, which can help you stay organized for years to come.
  2. . Gain Support- you will meet many great influences whether it’s coaches, teammates, mentors or peers in activities. From emotional spirals to reaching academic goals there will always be someone there to help you along the way and give you advice.
  3. Deepen Your Knowledge- It is always good to be a well-rounded individual and the more you learn about different aspects of things, the more set you are to take on more challenges and obstacles life throws at you.
  4. Commitment and Dedication– Gives you a sense of sticking to something you have passions for no matter how hard it gets.
  5. You will Make Friendships– It brings people that are in the same boat as you together and gives you chances to make really special friendships, that you miss out on just being in the classroom. I met a ton of my best friends from the Golf Team and the sorority I was in starting Freshman year! It’s never too late!
  6. Way to Destress– When school is getting the best of you, it’s a great distraction to be able to cool down and positively focus your attention on something else, while your brain resets itself.

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