How to have a Successful Friendsgiving

Are you staying on campus for Thanksgiving this year? Are you having a Friends-giving before you go home for the holidays? Whatever the case, if you’re continuing or starting a new tradition here are some ways to make sure it goes well! After all it is a known fact, friends who eat together, stay together!

Friends-giving Ideas

  • Have each friend bring a dish so you do not have to do all the cooking. Green Bean Casserole, Yams with Marshmallows, Mac & Cheese, Veggie casserole, pies and of course do not forget about the turkey.
  • If nobody want’s to host or cook, choose a beloved restaurant location near you and pitch in some money to make the event possible.
  • Don’t have a kitchen or don’t want to travel? Head over to the dining halls. You can still eat dinner with friends and not have to cook.

Tips to make Friends-giving be Successful

  • Make sure you have enough plates and utensils and foil on hand.
  • Let friends choose the plates they want before the dinner by creating a Google document.
  • Sed a reminder to friends before the event through text or email.
  • Arrange plates on the table and make enough oven space to cook dishes for the event.
  • Have before dinner speeches to remind everyone why they attended.
  • Some form of after dinner entertainment is encouraged such a board games, cards or TV.
  • Get feedback and future suggestions from friends who attended the event.

Whatever you choose to do for Friends-giving, make sure that you have fun spending time with friends since that is what it’s all about.

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