Can’t Make it Home for Thanksgiving?

A lot of college students live far away from home and do not have the luxury to make it home for Thanksgiving break. Most colleges and communities surrounding campuses realize this fact and usually strive to make everyone feel welcome along with provide alternative ways to celebrating this important holiday. If you find yourself in this position there are a plethora of ways to fill that void of missing out on the feel of home sweet home.

Attend University Events

A plethora of college campuses have some sort of Thanksgiving event in place which includes providing meals along with some form of entertainment inviting all students still on campus to attend. This usually will take place in a large space to accommodate everyone such as a gym or communal space. There have been cases of important leaders on campuses hosting events as well at their homes or a space of their choice off campus providing transportation to and from the event . This is a great way for students to connect with other students ad faculty around campus.

Community Traditions

Thanksgiving is about thankfulness and gratitude so finding a local service you can participate in such as going to soup kitchens, homeless shelters or churches that often hold community service events, you will come out feeling more grateful and thankful for your life. It has been discovered many people apply to volunteer over Thanksgiving, so if you find yourself in a rut smaller community events ad organizations are usually always looking for help. Attend local parades as well to get in the spirit!


Throughout the recent years, Friendsgiving has become a very popular traditions among friends. This is a way to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving with people who you are close to, make your favorite dishes and bring them to a potluck or even go out to dinner. This is always a great way to feel closer to people then you were before and goes great in the memory books.

Whatever you choose to do for Thanksgiving, have a relaxing day!

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