College Self-Care

Social Media Addiction

Distractions are high with the presence of all social media platforms and it it is evident among all college students. Sitting in the University Center at Whitewater and hearing everyone talk about how much work they have to do before the end of the semester, but they are so distracted by social media, shows how much social media is an addiction in our current society. There needs to be more attention around this problem and ways to stop it. I personally am so distracted by social media, I go on at least 20 times a day and scroll through feeds. Lately, I have been trying to cut back especially with everything I need to accomplish in the next few weeks before graduation such as final projects and exams. I do this by taking a deep breath if I feel the urge, take a shower and workout to feel refreshed along with turning off the phone and leaving it at home during the day when I have classes and going to the library afterward to get homework done. Until that is all done, I do not look at my phone but it is tough. The hard thing is I can access social media still on my laptop if I wanted so I have to make sure to stay away from those tempts to look. Everyone around me in classes is addicted to online apps during lecture and texting on messenger as well as scrolling through feeds and out of class every person I walk past has their heads buried in their phones texting or scrolling as they move to the next destination around campus. You can see this everyday if you pay attention and it’s scary and sad in the spectrum of things. If your reading this little rant, try to find ways to limit usage and find others ways to full up your time, Im talking to myself as well!

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