Why Disney+ is the Answer to our Prayers?

Go back in time with Disney+. The new and much needed streaming service has the coolest options available for viewing that remind us all of our childhoods that stirs different sorts of joyful emotions! There is a free 7 day trial and only costs 6.79 a month! According to Tom Bricker author of Disney Travel Blog, if you’re a Verizon customer, you can get a year subscription to Disney+ for free. To take advantage of Verizon’s free Disney+ offer, you must be a new or existing subscriber to either a Verizon wireless unlimited plan, or if you’re a new subscriber to a Verizon home internet service. Disney+ have a wide target audience ranging from adults, our generation of younger adults to younger kids being exposed to the greatness of our generation for the first time such as Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. “There’s pretty much something for everyone here: Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, 21st Century Fox, National Geographic, and of course, Disney. This includes original movies and documentaries, a ton of films from the vault, new series, Disney Channel originals, plus the 21st Century Fox back catalog”, states Tom Bricker. If your in college living in Wisconsin with the early frigid winter this season, this streaming service is perfect for you to cuddle up and get lost in each selection given. I have seen many people around campus discussing how excited they are for it’s debut and its a way Iv’e noticed for friends to get together for movie or show nights like never before. Funny enough, The first hour Disney+ became available, there was issues of too many people logging in at once, exceeding their expectation of users . I am personally looking forward to feeling the magic and watching many of the options available for viewing once I get my homework done!

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