Top Netflix Shows to Watch in College

With cold weather around the corner, I wanted to touch on popular Netflix shows I have been noticing people around college campuses are interested in. So get ready to cuddle up with your favorite warm drink, a bowl of popcorn and binge watch some of these shows I mention below…….

Gossip Girl

Get ready to get invested in enough drama and lies to make you feel like it’s your own. The fashion and relationships are just part of the magic that rise up the heat index of the show.

Stranger Things

With it still being October, Stranger Things grips you in from the first episode with many intense twists and turns. Will Jonathan Buyer’s be found alive and what horror awaits family and friends trying to find him?

Gray’s Anatomy

Get ready for an emotional, gripping roller coaster throughout the halls of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. This series does a good job of involving drama with a plethora of patient deaths, breakups and tragic events that change many characters forever. This show will also give you false hope about becoming a surgeon with all of the surgery’s you witness as the show goes on. You start off turning away with all the blood and needles, eventually feeling like you wanna take over for Mrs. Gray by the end.


It’s a classic that cannot be remade. featuring a plethora of lovable characters who are all best friends, each episode offers comedy, love, and whit. What makes this series most lovable it is relatable to everyday life no matter what age you are. Your feelings will range from warm and fuzzy to laughing on the floor as these friendships grow and are tested each day.

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